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Welcome! As a 2018 ICSE attendee, you now have the opportunity to sign up as a developer within the World Compiler network. Sign-up is free and carries no obligations. As a holder of the redeem code, you will also receive other future benefits such as periodic gifting of build credits. Once signed up, you will have access to documentation outlining how to;

  • Engage Agents within the World Compiler to build programs, which involves using the Pilot IDE, and
  • Join the World Compiler by building money-earning Agents of your own, which involves using the Autopilot IDE.

At present, program build and Agent deployment features are not yet activated. However, you can already start creating program expressions via Pilot and Agent expressions via Autopilot, and have them in the pipeline for building once these features are activated. You will receive emails updating you of progress regarding activation, and when building is enabled. Welcome to the World Compiler.

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