Try emergent coding

Create an expression and build it with the Pilot (your interface to the network) or preload the Pilot with one of the following example expressions, designed for the platform of your choice.

Note: the file will download in zipped format. You will need to unzip it before running the program.

Hello World

The customary "Hello World!" program that writes the infamous string to screen.

Text reversal

Request a given string of characters (1000 length max) from the user and write the reversed text to screen.


Write the Fibonacci sequence of the first n numbers to screen. (Behaviour is undefined if n is negative or > 40.)


Build programs Build agents

Simple explainer video

What is emergent coding?

"It's not magic, but it feels like magic."

Programs are compiled by a decentralised network of metaprogramming software agents that form a unique ‘hive compiler’ for every project.

Each agent is created, owned and managed by a software developer and collects a micro-payment every time it is pulled into a newly forming hive. The better the agent, the more jobs it gets and the more times it is pulled in, earning coin for its developer each time.

Agents earn. Agents compete. Agents evolve. And the entire system benefits.

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